Mixing concept

Because of changes in regulations on additives and the complexity of formulations, items in the Polyol blend viscosities were varied and are very difficult miscible.
The result is a foam very difficult to implement, surfaces in contact with the plate full of bubbles, adhesion problems, shrinkage problems, bubbles, …
To circumvent the lack of miscibility of the components we have developed two elements allowing a dispersion of additives and the gas into very small particles homogeneously distributed in the Polyol. Therefore, when the Polyol is mixed in the mixing-head with Isocyanate, additives are much more reactive and there is no concentration of gas or random foaming agents that create bubbles surface states or « potato fields. ».
The disperser is to this day an essential element of the production units of polyurethane foams and have a great effect on PIR.
It is available as low pressure (air mixing nucleating) disposing after the dynamic mixer and high pressure version (mixture of pentane and enhancers) to have as close to the mixing head.



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